Thank You for another great Improv Festival!

We will see you in 2024!

And look for our SEASON of shows!

shows & workshops!

The Winnipeg Improv Festival returns to the Gas Station Arts Centre for a whole season of improv shows.

Our first one is on Sunday, Nov 26th and will feature a jam show and a set from Club Soda Improv.

Look for improv classes and workshops too!

Our Team

The festival would like to thank some amazing people who make this festival happen. Nick Kowalchuk is the Executive Director for the Gas Station Arts Centre. Todd Drader is the Technical Director of the Gas Station Arts Centre. Stephen Sim and Caity Curtis work tirelessly as the Artistic Director team. Kevin Ramberran and Luke Cecelon are the wonderful Festival Coordinator team. Kristen Einarson is our brand new Publicist and we are lucky to have her!

We have many people to thank. We have many volunteers behind the scenes, from those selling you the tickets, to people making all the technical aspects works smoothly! We would also like to thank all of our sponsors and audience members who support improv, live theatre and the festival!