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Tue, Oct 17th 8PM at Wee Johnny’s

The Big Stupid Improv Show This is the traditional FREE opening show to the Winnipeg IF… Improv Festival. We offer you up a sampler of what you can expect at the festival. And we do it as the Fringe hit show “The Big Stupid Improv Show” which is an improv jam show that has been […]

Wed, Oct 18th 8PM at the CCFM

Lost in Translation/Perdu en quoi? Two official languages in one hilarious show!  Deux langues officielles dans un spectacle qui vous fera plier en deux de fou rire ! This hugely successful improv show has been at the Improv Festival and the Comedy Festival and is a favourite for multilingual audiences. You don’t have to understand English OR […]

Thu, Oct 19th 8PM at the GSAC

The Sketch Comedy Night Sketch Comedy in an Improv Festival!?  For one night only we let the performers plan the show ahead of time.  Sketch comedy has roots in improvisation so we let it slide… but just for this one hilarious show.  Local sketch heroes HUNKS and President Bear will perform alongside the DEBUT of the festival’s first […]

Friday, Oct 20th 8PM at the GSAC

Writer’s Block (and more) The Friday shows will include so much. First, we will showcase some improv shows from our international guests. Then we will have a collaboration with the “Winnipeg Writer’s Festival THIN AIR”. Slam poetry is super lame and not funny at all.  Not one bit of funny.  Slam poetry is angsty and boring and embarrassing.  … … … […]

Friday, Oct 20th 10:30PM at the GSAC

Werewolf The show is inspired by the game “Werewolf”. The ensemble will be working with a Game Studies expert (Ryan Clement) on different theories about game play and narrative. That all sounds pretty academic… it’s also an improv show where there are werewolves who try and eat villagers. The game of Werewolf is a wildly […]

Sat, Oct 21st 8PM at the GSAC

Words To Live By Guest storyteller Dr Joel Carter is an MD who specializes in palliative care. After his inspiring talk at TEDxWinnipeg the connection was clear… storytelling has healing properties. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to Dr Joel’s compelling tales as he brings the ER to the stage. This show features […]

Sat, Oct 21st 10:30PM at the GSAC

Ghost Stories This show will feature real ghost stories that then inspire the improv show with the festival ensemble. Special guests and spooky stories.  Ghosts are real but they fear rooms of laughing people.     Saturday, Oct 21st 10:30PM Gas Station Arts Centre 445 River Ave Ticket LINK

Sunday, Oct 22nd 2-5PM at the GSAC

Improv Workshop Can’t We All Get Along? Theatre, Literature, Cinema and Real Life are all filled with people who like each other. People who fall in love, maintain friendships, and struggle not with enemies, but with friends, family, and love. The same can’t always be said for improvised scenes, where characters spend a lot of time defined by their disagreements. It can be hard for […]


HOW do we do it? How do we make such a beautiful festival? The Improv Festival features performers from New York City, Montreal, Seattle, Victoria, Minneapolis, Halifax and Winnipeg. 

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HOW do we make this festival happen? We thank our wonderful sponsors... Club Regent event centre, The Gas Station Arts Centre, The Winnipeg Arts Council, The METRO, Jonnie's Sticky Buns, 101.5 UMFM

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