Winnipeg Improv Festival Oct 24, 25, 26th 2019 (The 20th Festival!)

tHere's an improv show at the fringe

The improv festival artistic team is producing an improv show at this year’s Fringe Festival. It’s called “One Great Winnipeg” and it is an improv show inspired by true stories about Winnipeg. Each show has special guest improv performers and a storyteller. From Garbage Hill to Birds Hill Park and all the stories in between.

Thursday, July 18 10:45 PM         Alyson Shane

Friday, July 19 5:30 PM               Kevin McDonald

Saturday, July 20 12:00 PM      Ron Robinson

Sunday, July 21 3:30 PM               Niigaan Sinclair

Monday, July 22 1:45 PM               Jan Skene

Wednesday, July 24 7:00 PM            Kal Barteski

Friday, July 26 12:00 PM                     Eric Plamondon

Saturday, July 27 9:00 PM        Rehman Abdulrehman

You want more info about this Fringe show?

facebook event page: LINK

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last year's improv festival

Last year we had some pretty great shows. You can read about them here and then wish you’d seen them. This year we are going to have some more great shows. don’t miss out.

Our Team

The festival would like to thank some amazing people who make this festival happen. Nick Kowalchuk is the Executive Director fo the Gas Station Arts Centre. Todd Drader is the Technical Director of the Gas Station Arts Centre. We have many volunteers behind the scenes, from those selling you the tickets, to people opening up their homes to the great artists we have in town. Thank you.


our out of
town guests

Players from Seattle, Vancouver, Edmonton, St John’s and more!


Stephen Sim
Caity Curtis

Stephen Sim and Caity Curtis work tireless to bring this festival to life.


our in town

Winnipeg is home to many many great improvisers.



You’ll see Family Dinner, Club Soda, Unexpected Results, The Horrible Friends and Snicker-Snack.