Friday, Oct 20th 8PM at the GSAC

Writer's Block (and more)

The Friday shows will include so much. First, we will showcase some improv shows from our international guests. Then we will have a collaboration with the “Winnipeg Writer’s Festival THIN AIR”. Slam poetry is super lame and not funny at all.  Not one bit of funny.  Slam poetry is angsty and boring and embarrassing.  … … … or is it?  Spontaneous observations collide with pre written musings on the world we live in. Poetry from improvisers, improv from poets and the wonderful space between profound and profunny.

This is a live collaboration between the Winnipeg if... Improv Festival and Winnipeg's International Writer's Festival THIN AIR.

This show features opening showcase from “We're so Strong” (Dave Morris from Victoria and Meags Fitzgerald from Montreal) and more.

  Friday, Oct 20th 8PM Gas Station Arts Centre 445 River Ave Ticket LINK Facebook EVENT LINK

Friday, Oct 20th 10:30PM at the GSAC


The show is inspired by the game “Werewolf”. The ensemble will be working with a Game Studies expert (Ryan Clement) on different theories about game play and narrative. That all sounds pretty academic… it’s also an improv show where there are werewolves who try and eat villagers.

The game of Werewolf is a wildly popular social game involving psychology and body language. Here is a link to information about the game (it is also known as Mafia) Friday, Oct 20th 10:30PM Gas Station Arts Centre 445 River Ave Ticket LINK