Sat, Oct 20th 8PM Mind Readers

Mind Readers

The show is a collaboration with the THIN AIR Winnipeg International Writer’s Festival. For the last few years, we have had writer’s and improvisers create new work together, fusing these two diametrically opposed artforms. Improvisers by nature abhor writing things down and avoid any form of writing when at all possible. Writer’s avoid having to make things up in the moment without the safety of their editing process and an erasure at their side. The coming together of these two arts has been very satisfying and liberating for both camps.

This year we explore the idea of “mind reading” as the improv performers will try and peek inside the mind of the writer. Also, wouldn’t it be cool if we could also peek into the future?


Saturday, Oct 20th 8PM $15

Gas Station Arts Centre 445 River Ave

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