Welcome to the IMPROV FESTIVAL

The Winnipeg if… IMPROV FESTIVAL 2018

The Winnipeg IF… Improv Festival started way back in the year 2000 and here we are in the year 2018 and improv is still making it up. The festival celebrates improvisation and has been bringing together improv performers from around the world and across the country for years. The festival has also been dedicated to creating new formats, new shows and collaborating with new artists and new arts groups. This makes for a festival that is not only hilarious but also unique and fresh.


Join us this October 18th, 19th and 20th at the Gas Station Arts Centre as we continue to bring the highest quality of improv theatre, the funniest of improv comedy and the most interesting of improvised formats.

Plus FREE shows before the festival even starts!


Tue, Sept 18th at the Good Will Social Club

Mind Readers

This is the first version of the Improv Festival collaboration with the Writer’s Festival. We are doing a free version before we do the festival show at the Gas Station Arts Centre.


Fri, Oct 5th at Little Brown Jug Taproom

First Fridays Improv and Writing

The second version of the Improv Festival collaboration with the Writer’s Festival. This time we do a free version as part of First Fridays at Little Brown Jug. So really we are looking at writing, improv and very good beer.


Then the Festival shows at the main stage of the Gas Station Arts Centre:


Fri, Oct 19th 8PM Pixels and Friends

Fri, Oct 19th 10:30PM The More You Know

Sat, Oct 20th 8PM Mind Readers

Sat, Oct 20th 10:30PM Ghost Stories


Gas Station Arts Centre (corner of River and Osborne)

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