Welcome to the IMPROV FESTIVAL

The Winnipeg if… IMPROV FESTIVAL 2018 The Winnipeg IF… Improv Festival started way back in the year 2000 and here we are in the year 2018 and improv is still making it up. The festival celebrates improvisation and has been bringing together improv performers from around the world and across the country for years. The festival has also been dedicated to creating new formats, new shows and collaborating with new artists and […]


SKETCH-PROV-MEDY This show is a mix of all the best things! One part sketch show, one part comedy show, and one part improv show. We fuse all of these three performing elements together for a true triple threat of comedy. We stitch it all together forming a Frankenstein monster of hilarity! With Kevin McDonald (The Kids In The Hall)   THU, Oct 18th 8 PM $15 Gas Station Arts Centre (corner of River and […]

Fri, Oct 19th 8PM Pixels and Friends

Pixels and Friends This show builds on the smash hit show of this summer’s Fringe Festival. The festival collaborates with local Winnipeg Virtual Reality developer FlipsideXR to bring you a real-time animation show live onstage. Click here for an article about the show that happened this summer at the Fringe.   Friday, Oct 19th 8PM $15 Gas Station Arts Centre 445 River Ave Ticket LINK Facebook event LINK

Fri, Oct 19th 10:30PM The More You Know

The More You Know The Friday late show will be a show that will make you think as well as laugh, it’ll make you think about what you’re laughing at, it’ll make you think you’re laughing. You will laugh. You will think. The festival has gathered the greatest minds in Winnipeg to give talks about smart things. We have also gathered the funniest comedic performers and improvisers to make the smart stuff into funny […]

Sat, Oct 20th 8PM Mind Readers

Mind Readers The show is a collaboration with the THIN AIR Winnipeg International Writer’s Festival. For the last few years, we have had writer’s and improvisers create new work together, fusing these two diametrically opposed artforms. Improvisers by nature abhor writing things down and avoid any form of writing when at all possible. Writer’s avoid having to make things up in the moment without the safety of their editing process and an erasure at […]

Sat, Oct 20th 10:30PM Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories Just when you thought it was safe to laugh again. The hit show from last year’s festival makes a return. A show inspired by real ghost stories. This show was scary and tense. And it was funny as it was scary. People jumped out of their seats. People laughed so hard they saw shadow people. We take a regular improv show and create real tension and real fear as well as […]